Hmm…Sneaky, Sneaky: Political Donkey

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.


I hate it when politicians throw up smokescreens.  I hate it even more when they are fed lifelines by “unbiased” media news outlets.  Hmpf.

So…I have to admit that I have sort of gotten out of the mood to write this.  With the modern political fiasco that is inundating the airwaves and the countless facile memes going around comparing Bernie Sanders to a jelly doughnut and Donald Trump to a granola bar (just a random statement based off of the real examples), I really have gotten a bit annoyed at how blatantly superficial the voter conscience is in this nation.  Just by a tad, anyways.

But, I could arguably say that what frustrates me most is the way that much of the general media (like CNN the red-flavored Kool-Aid, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, New York Times, etc.) tend to cater to only one worldview for fear of excommunication from whatever religious club they have formed.  I mean, they defend the Democratic Party like its the best thing since sliced bread on discount…and they abhor the Republican Party like the plague, and I should say like a racist, bigoted, uber-rich, and really white American plague.  I personally find this funny because most of the faces of both parties look exactly the same, in fact they can even flip one for the other.  Ronald Reagan was once a very staunch Democrat.  Elizabeth Warren was once a Republican.  Heck, Donald Trump was both of these things several times.

But often these news sources make it seem like we should judge parties based off of their historical ills.  For example, I have a link posted above.  If you care to read it, then I invite you to do so because it gives a very clear example of what I am pointing to.  Are you ready?  Now follow me closely, okay?

Now, Los Angeles has long been the bastion of the Democrat Party.  It had a lot to do with Reagan’s Democrat allegiance as Ronald Reagan did get his start from Hollywood (spoiler alert, Hollywood has long been known to disfavor the Republican Party and also anything mirroring any form of “conservatism”).  So…should it really surprise us that when Yahoo News randomly interviews Los Angeles mayor (a mayor, really?) Eric Garcetti on the presidential race that he speaks highly of Sanders and Clinton?  Nope.  But didn’t he mention Trump?  Of course he did.  Trump is the best thing to happen to the Democrat Party, and I’m not talking about his numerous donations to their machine or his promotion of the Obama-birth-certificate scandal that came from Hillary Clinton’s 2008 supporters (of which Mr. Trump was one).  Trump represents all of the negative stereotypes of the Republican party converged into one.

One, Trump is white.  Two, Trump is rich.  Three, Trump is very excessively rude.  Four, Trump says misogynist things.  Five, Trump says ethnically stereotypical things (as distinguished from racism, Trump hasn’t yet indicted all of any one ethnic group to a particular crime).  Six, Trump is extremely ignorant.

So, it was for good marketing that Garcetti, in this rather pointless interview, mentioned Trump in passing so as to up the ante for the Democrats.  He then goes on to speak highly of the two white, rich, and decidedly socialist Democratic candidates.  Of course, there is thrown into the discussion the fact that Garcetti is Jewish and Latino (double minority points for him that could get him into any safe space on Earth).

The picture that the article paints is pretty obvious.  Republicans: racist, beleaguered, misogynist, and out of touch with the not-rich.  Democrats: multi-ethnic, accepting, understanding, and ready to speak about real issues plaguing our republic.

Of course, the system of a Constitutional Republic (like the United States) and Socialism are totally anathema to each other, but I’ll leave that to your political theory research and the latest news coming from Cuba and Venezuela.

But really, can we really say that the Republicans are racist, beleaguered misogynists who have no touch with the not-rich?  Well, with candidates like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina (who later dropped out), I think such a statement in modern times would take a very ostrich-like mentality.  I mean even at base, when we compare Carson to Obama, we have one person who grew up in various places around the world, attended a very expensive private school in Hawaii, is estranged from his black siblings, and also had an African father with a very Kenyan culture as apart from a black American experience.  And then we have Ben Carson from the ghetto.  If the Republican party absolutely cannot cater to poor people, then I guess Carson found it easy to become Republican after he worked his butt off through racist environments and decided to join up with the team.  Not.

But, we could also go the historical route.  Surely the Democrat Party historically was the more favorable of the parties.  Surely our American political partisan history is entirely one-sided for the “right side of history.”

What did the Democrat Party give us?  Well let’s see: the Antebellum Southern slavery law system, the Confederate States of America, the Ku Klux Klan, the Dixiecrats, the Southern Jim Crow Laws, the New Deal (which historically did very little for American ethnic minorities), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1968…and then onto the modern period.  Wow.  Well, what did the Republican Party give us?

The Republican Party (or the Grand Ole Pary, GOP) was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery politicians and activists, and it gave us: a reunited United States, the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, the 15th Amendment, the 19th Amendment, Reconstruction, the complete desegregation of the armed forces, the first black American to be nominated for the presidency (Frederick Douglass), the integration of public schools through the Brown v. Board of Education case and its enforcement, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Civil Rights Act of 1875, the Civil Rights Act of 1957 (thanks to President Eisenhower and no thanks to Lyndon B. Johnson the colorful opportunist), the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (drafted by Republican Everett Dirksen and passed with majority Republican support), the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (also drafted by Everett Dirksen and passed with majority Republican support), and Herman Cain.

I threw in Herman Cain so that the scales would be more even with the Democrat list of accomplishments.

But hey, those are dates in history.  We living Americans are still stuck in today.  Modern info, please sir.

Hmm…yes, in this Yahoo News interview LA mayor Eric Garcetti spoke about the current Flint, Michigan water crisis, a crisis that many news outlets have critiqued Republican Michigan state governor Rick Snyder for (also, he came from an obviously rich family of window washers).

But…Flint is a city and not a county, or a voter’s district, or a state.  Who was the actual genius mayor of Flint, Michigan who decided to change the water pipes to the lead pipe system and cause all of this ruckus despite the numerous scientific warnings?

Answer: Mayor Dayne Walling, a Democrat.

Well, I’m nonpartisan, and I am such because both political parties are not totally clean.  They both have been harbors of corruption and the screwing of American individual rights.

And anyways…I am sure that most of the urban cities where ethnic minorities like blacks and Latinos suffer most for domestic poverty, homicides, incarcerations, and allegations of racist treatment are dominated by the racist uber-hierarchy of the demonic Republican Party.  I am sure that the cities like New Orleans (during Hurricane Katrina), Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, and Washington D.C. all have historically been dominated in the modern era by Republicans.  Even Los Angeles…

Oh, wait…what?  Wait, what?  What was that??

Oooo, oh you tricky-tricky little donkey.

UPDATE [February 9, 2017]: For a longer read with the messy history drawn out in a historical detail that I chose not to do here, see this article.


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