A Brief Update from Middle-Earth

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.


Well…my last post was a while back, and it was made in haste for what I perceived to be an obstruction of the good trust in representative democracy and liberal tolerance.  Of course, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the bill, albeit not without a good deal of his own moral posturing and groveling at commercial bosses who threatened their own workers in order to enforce their religious views upon an entire state.  Now we see where Georgia’s government contrasts with North Carolina’s.  What has been the result?  Well, a bit of transparency has come about now that an internet porn site has banned users from North Carolina due to their stance on public restroom facilities.  Um…hooray!

Heck, maybe more porn sites will do the same.  I tell you the truth that nothing can be more empowering for women and families than for internet porn sites to ban themselves from consumers.

And ironically, several others (Springsteen, a circus, and a company included) have postponed or canceled their services in North Carolina, most specifically also to the city of Charlotte…the main city that tried to turn society round for these very same benefactors.  A city that forced the state’s hand when its council passed a bill allowing transgender and transsexual persons to use the restroom and bathing facilities of their choice gender.  This was done despite the concerns of many in North Carolina that the measure could allow sexual offenders and perverts to take advantage of the new gender-laxity.  Of course, some would say that such concerns are a myth.  Reality…kinda says otherwise…even in the present struggle itself.

Perhaps God’s hand is on the entire thing.  I certainly see the evidences of His divine judgment being brought out even in a free market and representative democratic society.  I surely hope that the city of Charlotte and the rest of us can see that we simply need to take a step away from the moral posturing, and start to really consider what it is we are really willing to do in order to give power to erotic liberty.

Even more, we really need to consider how destructively transparent it is that we see major money-making entities try to punish entire state’s worth of population just because of neighbors disagreeing with neighbors– and because of the State refusing to enforce its power upon the public consciences on either side.

But now on to better things…


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