The Borderless Wars

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

It truly says something when an entire near-decade of governance can default on its principal duty, can demonstrate such control over the mass media perception, and can rely upon the apathy and self-righteous bandwagons’ inevitable shift of virtue in the democratic process, in order to render such a nation of faulty laws.  And such has already happened in the United States today.

Before I even begin, I have continually advocated for respect for our current president.  I have prayed for him continually throughout his tenure as I am commanded by my Lord, and I will continue to pray for him even now and perhaps even when he has graduated into the emeritus status.  So then, please, in all of the critique and demonstration of this president’s failings, please do not take my words or dissent as signals for protest according to the man himself while degrading the office of the president.  Barack Hussein Obama II is our present commander-in-chief and should be treated as such until he no longer is.  And besides that, he is a man, a human being, and he is guaranteed all of the respect of humanity as dealt by God Himself.  Then let us pause to consider this matter before we move forward.

We begin.

Recently it has been revealed that the Obama administration and the president himself (as his ideas are constantly represented in his administration) have been very prone to attack those whose policies and democratic exercise go against his own personal inclinations.  I speak about how the IRS targeted his political ideological rivals and opponents (even faith-based organizations), and how it seems in an effort to create a gun-owning crisis, one of the largest illegal firearm trafficking schemes empowered by an American president ended in a scandal that was quickly swept under the rug–but not without some heavy politicking.

I have suggested in the past that our president may not have made the best decision in pushing forward the Iran nuclear deal.  But now, a top aide to the president as far as foreign policy is concerned, Ben Rhodes, tells us that it was the intention of the Obama administration to misrepresent the Iran nuclear deal in order to get it passed.  It is even revealed that negotiations began with Holocaust-denying former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Let that sink in.

Why?  Well, I have a theory and we will lean into that with more evidence.

We also now have testimony from a former aide that President Obama intentionally lied to the American people during his 2008 presidential campaign concerning his personal moral stance on homosexual unions and marriages in order to win the election–a position that he adamantly reversed in his 2012 election and forcefully force-fed into American legislation on June 26, 2015.

I have suggested previously, with the sensitivity of taking the president’s words as his own despite my own personal doubts of his veracity, that President Obama’s flip-flop change on the homosexual-heterosexual moral correlation was an “evolution” rivaling the Pokémon Magikarp transforming into a Gyarados.  But now, it just seems that President Obama was just lying for four years and then lied again in 2012 when he claimed to have had a change in heart.  Insert coming out of closet humor quip.

Even as the current administration zealously pursues its religiously moral ideological claims with fervor, as with the case of North Carolina, the administration has also turned a blind eye in the very same time to violations against actual federal laws that go against its moral standing.  The White House is willing to allow for state-sanctioned violations of federal laws concerning recreational and medical cannibis.  The White House is even willing to allow entire cities to shelter and refuse to legally process illegal immigrants who are under investigation or simply are illegal residents in this country, rendering the national border of the United States (specifically the southern border along the Mexican nation) to be legally meaningless.  Even so, the Executive Branch of government does not show signs of pursuing legal means of forcing these cities to comply, nor of forcing these cities to cease providing citizen-funded healthcare to illegal residents…in full violation of the laws of Obamacare.

I watched this morning that possibly because of the campaign promise by presidential candidate frontrunners, there may be more of an incentive than ever for illegal persons to simply walk across our southern land border and turn themselves in.  This is because Hillary Clinton has promised to enact a citizenship-track for illegal immigrants.  Paradoxically, Donald Trump has claimed to desire to enact stricter immigration laws and deport criminal illegal immigrants.  Get in while you can to stay, or get in while you can while it is possible.  This may have led to the present greatest surge of illegal immigration that our nation has ever seen.  In fact, the surge seems to not be coming from Mexico, but from Central America.  And with my own experience in this community, I can personally attest that I have run into more Central Americans than I have in the previous decade.

Of course with the Executive Office being lenient all of these years with the illegal immigration policies, while at the same time maintaining the very restrictive legal immigration process has led many to believe that there has been an intentional passive sabotage of national sovereign borders in the United States.  The recent comments to Northwestern University students by fellow partisan member and Obama administration employee Sen. John Kerry that students should ignore Trump and prepare for a “borderless world” does nothing to assuage these conspiracy theories at all.  In fact, they move the accusation away from ever being returned to being a simple hypothesis.

And there you have it.

What we have essentially is a presidency where the person in the office has overruled the rule of law several times to make the nation into his own image.  He has moved to make our nation more nuanced and vulnerable in national sovereignty, and he has personally pushed his activism upon his fellow American citizens by effectively disenfranchising their opinions in government and taking matters into his own hands.  In preparing for this new borderless world full of multiculturalism where no one moral standard is allowed authenticity or supremacy even in elected government, President Obama has singled out the executive powers of his office as able to trump the other branches (pun intended).  I have already written about the dangers of this action for American people.  President Obama has even intruded in the sovereignty of other nations, such as Great Britain‘s national debate over staying within the European Union, nations where he has no legal authority…something that he is heavy to criticize his predecessors for doing but lacks a mirror to look into when he speaks.

Much of President Obama’s policies have sacrificed the safety of national American lives for the benefit of cultural relativism and cultural ecumenism.  And, because of his political support by major media outlets, much of his actions go unnoticed or as mere commentator blips among the mainstream assaults upon his political rivals.

I am saddened because some will look upon this president’s physical appearance (as he is a first of sorts) as the telltale influence to his policies.  And his allies and supporters will look at assaults upon his policies as assaults upon his physical appearance.  Both prejudicial, intolerant mistakes are hazardous for any moral and politically progressive discussion upon the presidency of this president.  Yet, when eyes are closed, who can open them?

Please pray for our president that he will begin to follow the US Constitution more soberly than he has done.  I personally pray that his power binge does end sometime soon before his term so that he may exit office with a good note before the long retirement.  But, his misuse of powers is not unlike anything done before by presidents in the past…but the magnitude of his executive misuse is arguably extremely unique among the legacy of presidents.

I will say, now thanks to him, I am very much for a change in public educational curriculum to make shows like Schoohouse Rock! and Liberty’s Kids mandatory nation-wide.


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