God Is Just

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

This past weekend, a terrorist attack was undertaken by a devout Muslim man against persons assembled late at night at a nightclub in Orlando called The Pulse.

My first reactions were horror and grief.  I have a homosexual friend who was recently at that exact same club enjoying himself just maybe a month ago.  I don’t know what this post would be like had he decided (because he travels often) to go down there this past weekend.  Thankfully my friend is still here in the land of the living.

My fellow Americans were murdered by another fellow American.  I cannot stress enough, as I have before, how drastically serious we need to take the threat of Islamist theology.  But, I am even more shocked because even as I woke up on Sunday to get ready to worship God and found to my horror all that had transpired…

It wasn’t long until many persons with bigger microphones than mine began to blame us Christians for what had occurred.  If I had been living under Nero’s Rome, I don’t think that I would have been more shocked…but I am living in 2016 America– the United States of America at that.

But, after a while, I began to consider some things.  The LGBT lobbying politicians have mercilessly attacked the freedoms of Christians (as opposed to attacking the freedoms of Muslims, Hindus, or any others…as I have pointed out with pains here).  True freedom means tolerating ideological differences of expression, especially where religious ideas are involved.

This is why the first right given in the Bill of Rights of the First Amendment from which all other rights are founded upon is the freedom of religious expression and worship in the public and private places.  Recently, some wanted to destroy our foundations in order to suggest that freedom of religious expression is limited to the private sector and not extended to the public sector, but to do that would be to have to do the same with the freedoms of speech, the press, political activism, and common assembly (which by the way you know, all three are actually under attack with the “safe spaces” concept).

(Here is a well-written historical article discussing the murkiness of religious freedom…and yes…the Christian foundations of our republic of religious freedom.)

And even so, tens to hundreds times more Christians are cruelly murdered and gunned down each year by Islam alone.

Now what do I see?  I see an LGBT Lobby so out for denying Christians freedoms that they are ready and willing to ally with anyone in order to trap convictional students of Jesus in order to force others to cater to their own religious ideas concerning human sexuality…and to celebrate them during their holy month of June (holy meaning “something set apart for a specific honor or purpose”).  I am sorry, but even though I have homosexual loved ones I will not celebrate sinful actions that caused the death of my Lord during the month of June, just as though I have Muslim brothers I will not celebrate a false deity during the month of Ramadan.

And these two months coincided together this year.  And this is sadly exactly why what has occurred has occurred.

As a Christian, I reserve the right to not delight in my own sins and much less delight or celebrate in the sins of others around me.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  It doesn’t matter at all who is doing which one.  And as an American, I am guaranteed that right because it is God-given and validated by the State.  My homosexual and Muslim friends also disagree with me theologically and morally.  That is natural, and very permissible.  And this is what real life and what being tolerant is all about.  Tolerance for any concern implies the lack of its affirmation.

If you have read anything that I have written concerning how I believe American society should be, then you can approximate in imagination the immense anguish that swelled up in my soul to see the news…and to continue seeing the news today.

And what has been the reaction to this event?  With a heavy heart, I will tell you what it is: All Muslims are not terrorists…and Christians are the worst religious people in the world and they are responsible for this senseless massacre.

At times like this, I do wonder what the Judge of all the World will do then, when our nation reaches the point of no moral return.

God, help us to repent of our sins and to know Your way.  Please forgive us for ignoring Your law and choosing to follow our own selfish desires, instead of being selfless and devoting ourselves to Your Love.  Teach us to love and to correct in love and to not have any self-righteous anger or hatred in our hearts when we see unrighteousness.  Because hatred for our fellow image-bearers is murder, and You have no room for murderers in Your kingdom.  In God the Son, the Holy Messiah I pray.  Amen.


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