Life on Vacation

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

Sometimes we need a vacation.  And I mean a real vacation.

Recently, my family and I took a vacation.  The point is that rest stops and breaks from the usual are like warm breaks in winter.  They happen (if you live in the right place), and when they do, everyone sighs some relief.  Now, that isn’t to say that we have not traveled.  For the past three years I have done a good deal of travel, mostly for internship jobs and conferences.  But those trips constituted our travels.  I’d go somewhere.  My family would plan to meet up with me.  And then we’d visit more family.

But visiting family is a duty.  It really is.  Even when you travel it is a duty.  You are obligated to visit your family because, ideally, you love them and appreciate them enough to grace them with your presence and have them grace yours.  Now, I get that not everybody can say this for all family.  Neither can I.  But still, visiting family is a duty.

Going on a random cruise for a week to break from monotony is not a duty.  That said, I have not had a vacation in 3 years or more.  And boy did it feel good.

I had honestly forgotten what it felt like.  There I was walking through crowds, experiencing again why I think modern feminism is dumb as woman after woman walked directly into my path or literally right into me no matter how small she was compared to me expecting me to move out of the way and totally change my trajectory in order to say excuse me…and rightly so because I did.

Momma didn’t raise a fool.  Neither did my dad, hahaha.

But hey man, it felt good just getting out.  And honestly, being around the many beautiful women that I saw…just being there and not hearing the nightmare talk from college about “systemic oppression” or “phallic images of male dominance” while the woman bogarded their way to the nearest water fountain, shop, or attraction…ay Dios eso fue paraíso para mi!  Oh yeah.  And that Spanish came in pretty handy fam.

Besides, coming off of a vacation in today’s social and political world makes a lot of this debauchery just that much more amusing and…well…vain.  And I love that.

Sabbath days are the fourth commandment, and it is a part of the section in the Decalogue that relates to our relationship with God first and then to each other.  In fact, it is the final one of that section, the first four.  I am pretty sure that this experience confirms that God knows way more than we do about “real life.”

God bless, fam.


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