Occupy Democrats and Social Engineering

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.


Human beings make mistakes.  By now you have read this first statement and are debating whether you really want to keep reading because of how often this truth statement has factored in my work.  “Will he finally write a post where he is just repeating himself?”  “I came here because of the catchy title.”  “Will he stop trying to guess what is in my mind and keep writing for a bit?”

See, what I have just done was rely upon whatever is perceived or what can be perceived from my writing by you, the readers, in order to write a sentence that communicated what I assumed that you think about me and what I put out.  I basically control the forum of information here because, well, this is my blog.  I write what I write, post what I post, and say what I want to say.  And because the first person to know what I talk about is me, I can intuitively know what sentence I can write that will make the most resonance with my own character and beliefs according to what my readers have read so far (assuming that I even have faithful readers).

This is called establishing a reputation (controlling what information represents me) and then marketing it (promoting you to believe that this information actually represents me truthfully and fairly).  We do it all of the time.  It is not necessarily a bad thing.  It only becomes bad once the reputation that one is marketing becomes untrue to the subject of the reputation at hand.

That said, I really don’t support, endorse, sustain, or feel comfortable citing anything from the Occupy Democrats media source.  Nothing.  Really.  From the litany of pro-Bernie Sanders propaganda (which  morally works the same way as marketed reputation does), to the cute attempts to later on produce “unbiased” videos comparing the last 3 major presidential candidates in around (March?) timeframe, I cannot take Occupy Democrats seriously.

*Marketed Reputation and Propaganda are pretty much the same idea in the broader societal structures if you think about it.

Because they can’t even take their own truthfulness seriously…like the awkward third friend in the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton circle of deceit.

But this time, oh boy they really screwed up.  Case in point, and I’ll be quick because I needn’t talk much.  My case is made for me.

I saw this photo and post at Occupy Democrats.  Unfortunately several people I know supported it.

Occupy Democrats Social Engineering Photo

Now, I am all for Occupy Democrats spreading some truth.  Take this away from the entire point of this photo.  I met the first Sikh individual that I have ever met in my life over 6 years ago.  He was very good at explaining his religious ideas to me and really anyone who asked.  He was a very dope brother.  And hey, I got a second dosage of the Sikh religion while I was in college because a friend of mine chose the Sikh religion as the world religion that he would study for a year.  I chose Islam.

But this photo is obviously constructed to build a social narrative.  First off, everyone in here is brown skinned.  Occupy Democrats is a leftist organization that believes that racism against brown skinned people is rampantly invading all arenas of social disagreement…even the religious.  While this isn’t true, it does point to some anxiety (that is clearly dying) which many lighter skinned brown people (like pale faces…hahaha Indian terms from my ancestors) have towards those of darker skin.

I’ve lived it.  I’ve talked about it.

But Occupy Democrats also believe that religions are all basically the same.  Error number 1.  They also hold that Islam is at its base a peaceful and cosmopolitan religion that worships a deity of tolerance from its source material and choice prophet.  Error number 2.  They also believe that anyone who disagrees with Islam and believes it to be an ideology that promotes gender segregation and perpetual social conflict is therefore an ignorant racist.  Error number 3.

But, they have given us this image.  And I am thankful to what they have for 80% of the photo.  If they had an added picture of pacifist Muslims, then it would have been straight golden.  But that isn’t the issue here.

The Sikh is a Sikh.  He is not Muslim.  I honestly do not know if a random picture of an Indian man automatically makes him a Hindu (this could be turned into a “racial profiling” case against Occupy Democrats, but I’m sure that I’m not allowed in whatever safe space they may live in for me to be able to mention it to them).  The other photo is clearly a Buddhist man in his meditation prayers to the sublime Oneness.  Below that is a photo of angry Christians protesting (or rioting, which is, I am sure, the intent).  And below that is a crowd of angry militants with balaclava masks with what appear to be Arabic sentences scribbled across their headbands, armed and menacing.

Unfortunately, I recognized the photo used for the Christians.  Occupy Democrats know that their target audience of socially engineered liberals (who the Occupy Democrats are socially engineering with this photo) won’t particularly frequent the latest Christian news websites and articles detailing the latest in Church persecution, since Christianity is the faith that wins the marathon worldwide by a long shot in numbers of religious adherents brutally murdered for their faith…but is also easily the one religion which the majority of leftists seem to utterly detest in their souls.

Look, I’ll use a liberal website source for this fact where the author takes pains to call out Christians for intolerance even while reluctantly conceding the fact that if you are Christian, your goose is cooked in many of the world’s countries (he just covers the Muslim ones though).

Members of the Pakistan Christian Democratic alliance march in support of Asia Bibi

Members of the Pakistan Christian Democratic alliance march in support of Asia Bibi.  Credit: Express Newspapers, “Daily Express”

Where did the picture of the Christians come from?  Ever heard of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani woman who was sentenced by Pakistan to death row merely for defending herself against being called “a dirty Christian” by Muslim Pakistani women…women who even refused to drink the same water as Asia Bibi at the water well they were at?

See here for yourself, fam.  And then tell me…

Here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/673886/Thousands-call-for-release-Christian-Asia-Bibi-speaking-to-Muslim-at-well-death-sentence

Who’s marketed reputation is still clear now?


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