Seeing Signs and Reading Patterns

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.


It isn’t often that I can give a rundown and say that “Hey, I was right about that,” but recently those opportunities have been popping up.

And I am angry about it.

First of all, before we even begin with this rundown let me just say that it is one thing to be proven right about something happy, like for instance if I would have predicted that by 2016 the people of the United States had finally solved the age old question of whether the American states are mere districts of the federal government or whether the federal government were a mere communal entity formed by the American states.  But alas, that still hasn’t happened…and it is the most ignored most dangerous unresolved threat to the American Union in each and every generation.

That aside, we must begin…

I warned in a very cynical and pessimistic article earlier this year that the United States’ international prestige has been waning very rapidly upon the world stage.  Taking spotlight to the measure of that waning power was the foreign nation of Iran, which took obvious pains to show itself a noteworthy adversary for American global interests (even those interests anti-nefarious in nature) and which has been repeatedly showing itself to be calling America out for being a worldwide punk.  So lopsided has this whole public debacle between the United States and Iran has been that I have written another post detailing the passings of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which Americans nowadays increasingly have become more aware was nothing more than a total concession on the part of America’s leaders and leaders around the world, but what also was a $1.3 billion ransom exchange on top of the already lopsided prisoner exchange undergone in January 2016.  All of this is courtesy of our President Barack Obama II and his administration which has proven itself to be more blatantly and iron-faced corrupt than any other administration blatantly has been in our recent national history.  Let. That.  Sink.  In.

Furthermore, in the same additional post entitled “The Borderless Wars,” I mentioned in passing how Barack Obama’s extralegal and illegal push for multicultural leftist society in the United States has led to an outpouring of human international crises along the trade and smuggling routes from the regions of South and Central America into the North American regions inhabited by Mexico, the United States, and Canada.  I mentioned how President Obama’s fellow Democrat and his Secretary of State (aka the main face behind the nefarious American-Iran Nuclear Deal) blatantly told a young audience of college students that they should prepare for a world without national borders, i.e. a world in which a nation’s people possess no gubernatorial sovereignty over their space of commerce, living, community or national safety.  This of course coincides with the federal government’s need to police the consciences and religious liberties of the citizens they have sworn to protect with those very freedoms…leading to the blatant ostracization of North Carolina over the laws that her people have fought to be passed– and rightfully so.

Well…I wrote those “prophetic” pieces because, as a trained historian and as a conscious Christian citizen of America, I have been told and trained to read signs for social patterns.  And for these developments the patterns and the story that they entail are all written on the capitols’ walls.

Now, here we are with these major headlines from this past week:

Iran recently threatened to shoot down two American Navy aircraft in international waters.  That’s right, you heard it correctly, international waters…otherwise known as waters in which not a single nation has sovereignty.  And yet, unlike the aforementioned seizing of American sailors who tragically drifted from international waters into Iranian waters after a functional failure in their water vessel, the Iranian government blatantly attempted to assert absolute international dominance over America– and it has passed with less than a peep from most of American society.  Oh…and this is only the latest in a series of bullying attempts done by Iran even during our so-called “nuclear weapons negotiations.”

Then we have a headline recently that the NCAA has decided to withdraw championship basketball games from the state of North Carolina in a fit because of the state’s House Bill 2 legislation passed legally by state representatives upon petition by the people in that state which, though allowing for range of allowances among the private institutions within the state, regulate that persons using state government restrooms must use the restroom facility in accordance to their biological gender.  Apparently…some people just don’t get that they not only should not lie and misrepresent the North Carolina people and their laws, but they should also learn the first lesson in tolerance: the ability to encounter disagreement and to live with it.  But, you know, some of those people even apparently have this problem even when it involves dribbling a 4-pound or so rubber ball on a wooden court…even though the sports themselves are gender-segregated for the protection and fair treatment of the players.  Whatever, view the deeper story on this here.

So much has been going on in our country since these ridiculous presidential elections have drawn out the addiction to opiates in many Americans.  But one thing must be reiterated that I recalled even back when our leaving president gave his final State of the Union address:

“This deep and widening political and partisan divide that has us all tearing at each other’s throats; this is the state of the Union.”


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