Access to Quick Information; the Dumbing Down of the Quest and Hence the Dumbing Down of the Test


By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

Once the effort to arrive at a richness is lost, then the value of the richness is lost.  And without its value, what is richness?  What is anything?

You know, I seriously did put in the work to make a 9-part series answering the age-old question for what the God of the Bible says about slavery.  You can find it here or by typing in this official title of the series in the search engine located in the menu above to the right: Biblical Slavery Series.

So why is it that the most viewed posts in that series by far is the “Il Verditto” and “The Verdict” parts…the final two parts of the series?  And really, the introduction to the series has abysmal views in all.  And some posts, like “Part 5” have barely even been read at all if they have been.  I mean, really?

The answer is this: people don’t want to expel any effort anymore.

Honestly, this travesty of humankind shall doom us all…those among us who adhere to it.

They say that the wisest of men know that they have some sense for how dumb they are, and so they rush to gather in knowledge and understanding so that their knowledge increases.  This is true, and a trustworthy statement, but it needs go further like so:  Wise men are also doomed to repeat this exercise as they grow in wisdom because they then become ever more knowledgeable of how deep the depths of their stupidity is.  It is this that often, indeed a mark of true wisdom, is the empathy of the wise for the foolish, for the wise man knows that in very real relative terms to another who has more wisdom and knowledge, that he too is a fool.

But this needs go even further:  The wise man hence comes to value the price that he pays for his knowledge, for he grows to know time and again that the best things in life of value have proportionate costs.  So in order to gain much wisdom, must effort in gaining that wisdom and much sacrifice must be meted out.

But in today’s information age, many simply say “To Hell with effort, I shall access easily ready/available information because I am advanced and progressive!”  And Hell gladly receives this blessing.

Look, I really don’t want to be an alarmist, but really, that Biblical Slavery Series had an introduction that gave the explication of the whole writing style format for the entire series.  To just jump in at the end not only robs you of the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that (could) be afforded you in the other pages (remember, effort and sacrifice necessarily come with a willingness to risk that effort and sacrifice), but it also robs you of growing in the very exercise of obtaining knowledge.  If you don’t grow in the skill, then how do you expect to become better at it?

Do you workout?  I do.

If you start at the 345 lb weights, you may end up in a stretcher or a casket.  Then again, if you start with 2 lb weights, you may as well have stayed at home and carried your food tray (weighing about 3 lbs) to the couch in front of your television screen.  Really, you must be able to find a balance in effort and risk, one that promotes strong bones, healthy muscles, and a courageously humble heart.  We are talking about the weight room, and the guys who really do the weights.  The very successful guys who are fit, even if their personalities do not match this model, their work ethic has to in order to move forward and improve.

The same is for knowledge and the accumulation of it.

Otherwise, we devalue the effort to make gains, and our very efforts are devalued– and so are our returns.  You being dead from lifting too heavy a weight and shattering your vertebrae and blowing your lungs, or you being just as weak as if you had never stepped foot in the gym because you are lazy and fearful will never get you right.

I already covered this with the Occupy Democrats post that I made, and boy have they stepped up their bull-crap meter in this election season since then.  But they don’t generally deserve two posts for their ignorance.

[*By the way, if you are a Christian reading this and you have already read that post about Occupy Democrats, please pray for Asia Bibi.  She and her family are in dire need right now for safety and a fairly just trial.  It has gotten so heated that a judge who was to handle her case stepped aside for fear of death threats and familial harm.]

But recently I came across a post by Shaun King:

shaun_king_post_11-7-16_midnightI hope that you can see that.  If you notice, it has slightly above 11,000 favorable likes so far.  It has additional reactions atop that.

But this story is false.  Elrod, the man in question, was shot in the stomach (a universally fatal wound) and is currently in the hospital being given medicine so that he won’t die, just like the one officer who is in critical condition because Elrod shot him.

The intent of the cop who shot Elrod obviously wasn’t to spare his life, is what I am saying.  God had more to do with that than anyone at the scene.

The other cop is dead.  But I learned this two days ago.  How?  Well, I came across a post written by a black man who heard the news of the cop that passed.  The cop had pulled him over at a traffic violation, but had spoken words of encouragement to him.  White cop.  Black young man.  (I would share that post here, but seeing as he is a private citizen I do want to give him the option of allowing me to share it.)

UPDATE: I got permission:


And now this foolish charlatan Shaun King uses it to encourage racial strife…to the tune of 11,742 Facebook likes.  Such a worthy cost for false knowledge, right?

Look people, we need to wake up.  Recently I had a 4 on 1 attack for a post that I had saying that the Aztecs oppressed the Indians in Mexico far worse than the Spanish did without ne’er a white person being in the Western Hemisphere.  In fact, thousands of oppressed Indians were more responsible for the fall of the Aztecs than the Spanish were.  That is true.  But these persons decided to say that I was wrong.  I asked for proof for refutation (of course there isn’t any).  They couldn’t provide it.  One woman even claimed that Mexico was a European colonial term given to the country by a German explorer.

México comes from the tribal name “Mexica,” which is the actual name that the Aztecs called themselves by ethnic nationality.  It was their official tribal name…see here for the deets…(oh man where did she get that information from…I feel so sorry for her)…

And it was ironic because that same morning before I did that and made that post, I had read this:

In his own eyes, a slacker is wiser
than seven men who can answer sensibly.  -Proverbs 26:16

Obviously these people hadn’t put much effort into their knowledge in this Age of the Internet and Relative Truths.

Anyways, you guys, be careful.  And watch what you do with the information that you receive and the information that you put out.  Really, there are enough foolish beliefs around here to be full of oneself with without having any real knowledge.

Don’t be a sluggard.

And hey, since you’re already at it and on the internet, let’s finish this up with a relevant laugh at what “searching the internets” can actually do to you…and what can happen when you come across a wise person with no internet sources, but a whole lot of brutal facts and application.

Plus, heck guys, this video is just really funny.


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