This is Your Legacy…


By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

One can only hold out hope as long as the wire thins.

I really don’t want to write this.  I really, really don’t.  Before I did I reached out to a particular friend of mine, one among many, who I talk to, who I have talked to, as I have been watching these events unfold.  But you know what?  I’m trained firstly as a historian, and this is an example of “If we do not write the history, then somebody else will.”  So much of our wisdom has been lost by aged women and men on their deathbeds believing that they were sparing their young ones and loved ones the added stress of the truth of what occurred in their lifetimes.  Countless soldiers and veterans, often in the sense of honor, allowed lies to spread…lies that always come back to roost upon their propagators…and their children.

Of course, some secrets are honored because not everyone needs to know them.  I’m not talking about those right now, and they are proved naturally by their sensitivities.  National security should not be told to foreigners.  Family matters should not be told to enemies of the family.  Certain marital secrets should not be shared with other married couples.  All secrets should be given to God and drawn under His counsel of who to share them with.

Now we move to things that are not secret, but that escape the uninformed.  We move to the foreign policies and political movements that have shaped and identified our current generation.  We take a look, after President Obama’s final press conference of the year (and possibly his presidency) with an eye toward hope…hope that he will repent.   We hope that he will pick up his morbid presidential legacy with a better post-presidency representation of righteousness…to be a uniter where he had once been a divider.  My hope is that my president begins to use his last remaining days as an honorable lame duck president.

This is your legacy, Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama, II, whether you receive it or not.

This will be done in response to the spirit of his last conference, which will be the only video not directly visible in this post, but posted here, that is directly related to this response.  If you care, you will still clink on that hyperlink and at least watch to see what I do respond to here.  Let us begin.

President Obama claimed many things in his address.  A lot of this that I write, I do with Syria in mind.  If you haven’t been following my earlier posts on the subject, then you should find out why.  Repetition is not my strong suit.  I see signs, and I read patterns, just like everybody else in the world.  The problem is that I lived through the Bush years with a pretty good memory of the news during those times.  I also lived through Obama thus far.  So when I heard that there was to be a weapons supply drop to “Syrian rebels” in order to fight Assad, even while I was informed by Christian radio that the situation of rebel factions included Christian-slaughtering Islamist forces…I was highly concerned.  When I heard that the CIA was behind the weapons drop, I was even more concerned…”mujahideen” is not a far away news-media-tag in my memory right now…and neither is al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden.   Months afterward when the first televised news of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL flooded the Western media waves with the reports of the execution of American journalist James Foley…my fears were confirmed.  I saw the sign.  I read the pattern.  But I still held out hope that I was mistaken, even as I brought it up very quietly within those chosen from my inner circles.

And of course…I wasn’t the only person to notice that connection.

Then we heard of Charlie Hebdo…then we heard of the executions of Christian-man-trying-to-save-his-friend Kenji Goto and his disillusioned and never-rescued friend Haruna Yukawa.  President Obama then called ISIS a “JV team” just days before the critical attack on Paris, again, on Friday the 13th in November of 2015.  This was such a critically and blatantly forseeable terrorist pattern that the relevant-to-life drama show Legendsrefused to air their televised episode that was to portray a roundabout similar event in the very same city for that episode just the next week.


But wait, there is more.

The next month, a terrorist attack inspired by ISIS was undergone in San Bernardino, California in the United States of America.  Is it still being possibly considered as workplace violence by the Obama administration…yes, after he waited for more of the facts (unlike what he did for the shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling…which added to the bubbling cauldron of high-level media-crazed emotionalism that went off in Dallas, Texas).  We don’t hear about Alton Sterling anymore because the facts came out later, and it has been deemed by news media as too legitimate to protest.  Castile’s case is still being handled.  But you know what happened in that time of tension?  5 cops were picked off from fire shot by an Army veteran who gave in to racist hatred.  Another 3 were gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana under similar circumstances after several failed attempts to kill cops in that area.  Of course, after that, the President stepped up to be the bigger man…but who could have been saved had he been the bigger man sooner, like he had with the terror at San Bernardino?

I honestly don’t know what to tell you at this point, to be honest.

Oh…and just last month, a single month after one of ISIS’ publications Rumiyahreleased another magazine calling for Islamists (extremist Muslims who push for Shariat to the point of military and aggressive political actions) to use knives in peaceful areas, we had anotherterrorist attack occur at the Ohio State University by a man who just earlier in one of that college’s publications lambasted Americans for having Islamophobia that made him feel unsafe.  Now, because of his ill-will and unwise, hateful actions, many more people have the fear that he once claimed to have had and that he even claimed was a prime motivation for his actions.  His weapons of choice: an automobile vehicle and a blade.

But what did our president claim for his “legacy?”  His legacy that he told black American voters would be insulted if they voted for Trump instead of who he wanted them to vote for…what led him to expect that sort of condescension to work?

Oh, he stated that under his presidency no foreign-ordered terrorist attack ever successfully hit the US soil.  I didn’t even cover the Boston bombings or the Orlando shooting of earlier this year.  Of course, he went on to clarify his statements to qualify them for his claim.

All of the links provided here are safe for you to click on them.  But now, you will receive warnings where appropriate.

I can’t hit all of these terrorist topics, but ISIS is definitely not a JV team if not only by the virtue that their ideology spans decades, directly it spreads centuries, but in Islamic history it quite possibly spans over a millennia.  And ISIS right now is in the danger of being a blown dandelion once it is ready to ferment the entire plain.  The proof is that ISIS is an ideology, as I have said before, and ideologies are not defeated by physical geographical wars.  They literally cannot be defeated in that way.  They are ideologies.

And now, in recent days not only has ISIS claimed responsibility for another foreign attack on the more or less Islamic nation of Jordan (it killed one Canadian tourist as well), but just today (December 19, as I write this post), just bloody today, another Islamist has scored another unprecedented mark on the world’s stage.

Before I get into that, let me handle the “mainstream media” really quickly.  I have already told you about Occupy Democrats and their tendency to produce manure without the bull on this Blog Post and on this related Blog Post.  Now I will tell you briefly about Al Jazeera, aka their catchy social media arm, AJ+.   Al Jazeera is owned by the Qatari government, a regime which quite literally uses slave laborto build its fancy metropolises for celebrities like Will Smith to flock to, among other things.  Listening to Al Jazeera is quite literally like getting news on North Korea from Cuba.  It’s a lose-lose game.

So…AJ+ had many people, including myself for a time, supporting the White Helmets in Syria, a band of seemingly courageous men who were pulling Syrian civilians from the rubble of that war-torn landscape in humanitarian and goodwill aid.  See below.

But just who are these White Helmets, really?  Are all of them as humanitarian as they seem?  Is it even a clearly humane organization?  Well, the reason why I sometimes, sometimes, am so informed is because I even listen to people that I vehemently disagree with on purpose.  On purpose.  Why?  Because I am just as capable of being an idiot as Mr. Bean, or Winnie the Pooh, or Will Smith.  Why?  Because I’m a human sinner.  See the motto at the top of this blog website.  Helps me out, that’s why it is there.  Hopefully  it does the same for you, too.

Even with people who we disagree with, often their leniency to see things where we may be blind allows us, if we would at least listen to them, to get fuller grasps on what the full story actually is before we go in half-cocked and all bull.  For the people that I listen to, sometimes their more substantial media allows me to see areas where I am wrong– or at the very least to see areas where I can strengthen my own personal convictions about the truth of a matter.  It’s healthy business, critical evaluation.

Anyway, here is a video sponsored by two “contrarians” but showing only one (contrarians are simply persons who live to spout out anti-mainstream tidbits of information that they deem to be true, and sometimes frankly is true).  Guess what– she’s a Syrian.  She’s also anti-Israel (see where we disagree, yet?)  And, she’s a proud Muslimah (an older term for a female Muslim).  Do you see how we disagree even more?  Yet do I sometimes listen to her and others that I vehemently do not agree with, with a measure of respect that I can be a little bit capable of acknowledging their credibility?

Well, I’ll let her tell you because this is getting long enough as it is.

*WARNING, this contains images from war scenes.  Graphic aftermaths of violence are portrayed.

She has another video in regards to that very video up top on her own page at SyrianGirlpartisan which you should check out if this information piqued your interest (but this video that is hyperlinked on her name is GRAPHIC as well for WAR-TORN violence, so do not watch in sensitive situations, please).

Now…just taking her word, you’d think that Russia was actually, possibly, doing more to fight the terrorists than the current Obama Administration in the United States.  What has the US been doing?  Well, scroll above to the top and reread.  Repetition is not my…

Remember that I told you that one more terrorist scored an unprecedented blow to the media just today (December 19, as I write this post)?  Yes…sadly…that is true.  And one Russian ambassador to Turkey will not be going home to his family this holiday season, and I pray that they did not see him die.  You would think that if Russia was really fighting against Islamist rebels that there would be some proof or some outrage against Russian personnel by Islamists to reflect a backlash to their efforts.  Well…we got that evidence now.  Is it valid?  That awaits to be seen.  Right now, we see the patterns, we read the signs, and we hold out hope, my fellow readers.  We hold out the hope that we are wrong and that our country’s government is wrong and that the solution is soon found to our present woes.


He was shot…by an off-duty cop there to act as his security personnel.

But, that is not all.

Given how, I don’t have any other words for it, BIASED the mainstream media has been in our current election…and let alone that I myself have personally thanked networks like CNN for dragging Donald Trump into prominence purposefully by their constant coverage of his foolishness.  Oh, and of course, like everything that CNN does, they couldn’t put that Jack back in the box no matter how much they colluded to rig the elections for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

The media bias all around is so massive that I’m just going to leave another video to show it.  Of course…it leaned massively in Clinton’s favor, as did the Justice Department/FBI/Obama Administration.

But of course, in this final press conference speech, President Obama blamed the mainstream media that apparently wasn’t very nice or fair to Mrs. Clinton and also acted less maturely than, well, he would have been (or was allegedly already doing).

Fidel Castro died this year.  But that may not be good news.  It apparently wasn’t so much good news for President Obama and many of the current world leaders and press.  And besides, with lasting photos like this to define President Obama’s legacy…


President Obama posed with Raul Castro, younger brother to Fidel Castro on March 21, 2016

…who needs to write honest eulogies on his attempted foreign partner’s older brother, when his attempted foreign partner basically wants to continue doing the same old thing to Cubans as his brother had done?  Did Castro not tyrannically arrest several people who he deemed as threatening shortly before this meeting in his honor?

President Obama stated that the United States is “stronger” and more respected today than it was before he entered office.  I wonder if this was before the Iran hostage situation, or after the Chinese seized a US Navy drone?  Was it after we made a shaky nuclear deal with Iran?  Was it after we “fought off the terrorists in Syria and defended that Red Line in the sand?”

Apparently…President Obama blamed and deflected so much, that the media that for nearly a decade has been so enamored with him  were concerned.  Even the glorious, left-leaning Washington Post was concerned.

And, sadly, there is one more thing.  Part of what President Obama also claimed in the list of accomplishments was “maturity” on the part of convincing Americans that the election wasn’t hacked…because he “knew” that it was being hacked…but he didn’t want to draw unwanted attention to the claims of Donald Trump that it was rigged, and he also didn’t want to give the Russians (because…so far…unsubstantiated claims) that they were affecting the election in any real way.  President Obama even claimed that he told Russian President Putin to “cut it out” over the hacking.  Meanwhile, words said to China over their taking advantage of the US economy’s deficit at the expense of their own people, their actual hacking of a major American university last year (since we’re blaming all of Russia for what a few Russian citizens “could” have done, why not), or their extensive building projects of sea bases in the South China Sea on islands disputably off-limits…

Now…didn’t President Obama andMrs. Hillary Clinton very publicly chastise Trump for doubting the elections?

But who demanded a recount?  Who now is blaming the Russians and feigning to have been playing hardball with speculations?

But what about when President Obama himself tried to influence elections in two separate nations?  Which nations?  Israel and the UK.  Guess what?  Both efforts failed, and that last effort may have had a very backwards result than what President Obama wished.

Sir.  President Obama,

I love you and I honor you as our president.  Over and over again, throughout these years, I have hoped for you to do better.  It is your right to support homosexual “marriage,” just like any other American.  But when you manipulated the Supreme Court into being your Supreme Council, turning them into the Legislative Branch when such a thing is by definition illegal to the core of our nation’s identity as a government, you crossed the line.

You have the right to have your opinions on abortion, but when you also take the “high road” by advocating that entire persons be appeased based upon their believing that they are a gender that they are not, and pass executive mandates and policies to force the rest of us to comply with their opinions which arguably border upon pure insanity, based upon their “human right,” in effect tying our affirmation of their illusion to their right to live, you cross the line, sir.  Human rights are rights intended for life, rights given by God for mankind to live as mankind, and you sir, calling transgender “rights” human rights is an insult to all of the Syrians currently suffering because of your imaginary Red Line.  It also is an insult to the men at Fort Pillow who died because they knew how they were born and what they were born as, and they owned it.

*And as far as your support of abortion, Christmas is coming up soon.  Before the Christ was born in the manger, He was a fetus in the womb, and before that an embryo.  Please dwell on this and the other events surrounding His birth this Christmas season, sir.

Sir…you lied to us.  You lied to the American people.  You are not the first, and you will not be the last.  We ourselves lie everyday.  It is human to be sinful.  Yet even after you were caught, sir, you kept right on lying.  And then you began to blame us, the people, for what your chosen administrators have caused and/or allowed to fester for far too long.

Mr. President, please.  I plead with you, I beg you even now.  I began this post with an appeal, and that appeal was more for you than it was for my readers.  Please sir, please, repent, sir.  President Obama please repent to God for trusting in yourself far more than you should have trusted in the system to check you via the gubernatorial checks and balances of the Three Branches.  But, the best for last, sir, please, repent to God for trusting in yourself over and above Him.  You have not led by the Spirit of Truth, but you were led by your own spirit.  You have personally advocated for positions that abhor God, the same One who you keep insisting that you serve.  But bitter trees do not produce sweet fruits, and even as I combine those two metaphors into a new one, you know Who said those two truths about His followers.  Even if you do not know Him, you do know Who said them.

Sir, please, you are still on this Earth with your time and your opportunity.  Turn to God in repentance for all of your sins.  Don’t rely upon your legacy, it will earn you nothing.  You place your pride on your legacy when it should be placed where your true legacy lies: did you surrender to the Lord of Life or choose to walk in darkness instead unto your own deathly destruction?

Our eyes were watching you, but now they will turn to another.  Another, reckless, ambitious, deceitful, and immmoral one, who your presidency has allowed by sheer recklessness and dubiousness to seize your waning power at the cusp of it all.  But always, always, the eyes of the LORD were upon you, and they forever still will be upon you until you cease to be.  Let that not be your chosen destiny, sir.

Please sir, I plead to you not as a citizen, nor as a partisan (though you can obviously see that I am not a partisan)…but as a fellow human being and as a Christian to you, sir, I do plead to you on your behalf.

Please, surrender your life and your legacy to the Creator before you go.


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