In Light of Decency

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

Very few will struggle with their own evils to get to the truth, and very few realize that the truth, just like goodness, exists outside of themselves in another place and Person.

The last blog post that I wrote was a difficult one.  I let you know why it was difficult, I’m not ashamed of that.  I let you know why I wrote it, I stand by its reasons.  Do I sometimes have apprehensions and fears for it?  Always.  That is with every post that I write, every word that I speak, and every belief that I hold.

You see, I know what I am doing by going public with a few of my words.  For years, only one flavor of people have been allowed freedom to reign, and their fallaciousness (which we all have) has produced environs of intolerance, bigotry, and suppression.

There is always risk in sharing with others what we believe at the moment.  Some fear rejection.  Some fear retaliation.  Some just fear loneliness in realizing that their beliefs may not be salient.

But, there always comes a time when the weight in risk is outweighed by the weight of responsibility.  And when that occurs, and I am only too aware of what silence can do and am willing to use this format, then I write.

As a Christian, I am told to pray for my leaders.  I have many times advocated for doing so, from pastors to governors to presidents to college professors and even to actors and actresses in Hollywood.  That is what we should do.  It is our commandment, and our awareness of sins not only helps us to see the world clearer, but it keeps us humble.  Remember, in the model prayer that Jesus gave us, we pray for others as often as we pray for ourselves.

We show our love in the same manner, and in the same way.

Why didn’t I write about the American presidential election?  Well, because I didn’t want to.  Because I didn’t have to.  Because there were more important things to write about, like how to reason in love.  That is the goal of this blog post, as you have read and seen.

I actually am capable of being incorrect.  I am incorrect a lot.  I live in my shoes and see myself get corrected by other people…a lot.  It’s a front-row seat.  You may have read stories where that was so, you may have even read a story where that was the subject of the post.  Don’t know if I’ve done one of those yet.

Guess what?  You are just as capable as I am, and as the others in this world are.

But if you wanted to know how to vote, the principles are here for you.  If you wanted to know how to live under any leadership that you favor or disfavor, the same principles are here written for you.

…if you wanted to know how to learn how to reason, the principles are here for you.

Reason in love, fellow reader.  Do not be a clanging cymbal full of the pomp of truth without the harmonization of love.

And you can only do this task by Christ, where truth and goodness dwell.  Keep that in mind as we celebrate His sacrifice for us, beginning at his self-humiliation by taking to himself humanity by being conceived and born in the womb.

Whether we are President Obama, Donald J. Trump, Reza Aslan, or ourselves, we all need Christ to save us from our evils at every moment of every moment of our momentary lives.

May the LORD God continue to shine on you, and our leaders, even as we stumble and fall in our sins.

We all need His grace, so we should show one another some mercy in loving truth.


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