Dr. Hill’s Unity

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

It is still effectively noted that racism’s primary intent has always been the limitation of behaviors and the ability of people to communicate.

So…a lot of crazy has been going on lately.  If you’ve been reading my blog posts up to now, then you have a pretty good opinionated reason outside of your own for why that is.  And whether you have formed your own opinion yet or have chosen not to, the sources that you have found in those various posts that are all searchable via the search box in the upper right-hand menu will give you enough information in the hyperlinked texts to form your own informed opinion– well, as long and as much as that information is conducive to the pursuit of informing truth.

We have just come off of the week that was both the celebration of one of the most preliminary and outstanding American citizens to have ever graced our republic, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with all of his faults, contradictions, and just downright heroism, and we have entered into the weekend with a brand new president…one who instead of becoming a politician-celebrity like our last president seems to have done, has opted to become the celebrity-politician.

What.  A.  Week.

But, before that we were celebrating, once again noted, the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I have many friends from Morehouse College who shared various memes of MLK as he is known with the messages of Morehouse “mystique,” “honor,” “ideals,” “unity,” and “brotherhood.”

But you know what else happened that day?  Get this: the son and namesake of MLK, Martin Luther King, III met with the then president-elect Donald J. Trump in order to discuss voting rights.  Yes, that day.

And in another spin-off move, Steve Harvey, famous radio personality and comedian/actor/game host/competition host also met with then president-elect Donald Trump in order to discuss what he could do in order to help out with social policies.  Now, you’d think that people would be happy in this show of class and being the bigger man…after all we had just come off of celebrating a man who did just that with Eugene “Bull” Connors, Lyndon B. Johnson, George Patterson, and countless others in order to further the greater goal of unity and progress.  In fact, Harvey wasn’t shy about his lack of support for the president-elect during the election, but he stated that it was President Obama’s call for dialogue and unity that spurned him forward to meet with Donald Trump in spite of their differences.  See it here below for a quick minute:

So, then what in the world occurred when Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a host for HuffPost Live and a sitting professor at Morehouse College, went to CNN and stated in his own words how he saw every single effort seemingly made by the Trump administration and by these two individuals (among others) to reach out to their new president as…as…well, see here for yourself…

In all fairness…I don’t believe that Mr. Bruce ever got his “10 seconds.”  In fact, I don’t think that he ever got a chance to make a complete thought made known without somebody cutting him off.  With a panel of 4 people, 2 men and 2 women, I wonder where the privilege points in that discussion lay…

Anyways, you see here that Dr. Hill seems to have very clearly labeled every “negro” who has met with Donald Trump up to that day, that day being January 17…just a day after Martin Luther King, III had met with Trump and on the very day that Steve Harvey had met with Trump, as “mediore.”

But let me fill you in on some evil ironies.

Steve Harvey sent both of his sons to Morehouse.  No really.  That college that MLK graduated from, that college that his own son Martin Luther King, III graduated from, that school where Dr. Marc Lamont Hill now teaches…that school where my Morehouse friends had just spent the day celebrating the legacy of unity, pride, and brotherhood about?

Oh yes…Morehouse College.  The Morehouse College.

So then…why would Dr. Marc Lamont Hill attack the very son of MLK the day after we celebrated his legacy and a philanthropist-celebrity who sent his own sons to the college that he now is employed by (mind you, Dr. Hill arrived at Morehouse in the Spring Quarter of 2015, which would be January 2015).

Well…it is because “black” Americans cannot think this way.  If you don’t know why I put the quotation marks, then I know two things: you didn’t watch the hyperlinked video of Barack Obama that I have up above and/or you haven’t read my other posts on similar topics yet.

You see…Dr. Hill has taken political, religious, social, and probably communal positions that he views as being essentially conducive to promoting the welfare of all “negros” aka “black” Americans.  Thus, he has translated the realm of the skin into the realm of the mind; he has taken his stance upon the many positions in the world and has laid claim to the highest that one may achieve within his own ethnic community.  So then, whenever others like him or those who he considers to be part of that ethnic community do not attain his stellar level of intellectual prowess or, gosh, even take positions contrary to what he holds to be dear (in this case, it means seeing the soon-to-be-new president to talk policies citizen to citizen-servant…the president is the citizen-servant, guys…man, I pray for my countrymen…) then that is a clear reflection not only on their deficiency of the mind but also their deficiency in their ethnic heritage and ethnic identity.

How do I know this?

Well, Dr. Hill could have just called these men “mediocre” and just left it at that.  Yeah, he’d still be open to criticisms for possibly being bigoted, possibly until we find out his reasoning, but it would be on an intellectual standpoint.  But nope.  He said “negros” which added a whole enchilada of racialized narrative to the mix.  In his own words…

that’s problematic.

You see, the essence of racism is its essential goal.  And racism’s essential goal has always been based on the behavioral.  Black people can’t behave “uppity.”  Chinese people can’t flirt with our women.  The Irish suck at doing everything except starving.  The Jews are out to take over the world because…well…they’re Jewish.  Nigerian customers are cheap (shout out to all of my Nigerian people out there with the Nigerian mother stories.  Hahaha, you guys make me laugh so hard!).

Racism has always been about controlling what you do by controlling what you believe that you are allowed to do.  Often the reinforcement of these barriers by law comes as an afterthought…but if it comes before the social expectation has been lowered then that often means that the racism was intended to be enforced upon the upcoming generations so that their barriers are the new normal.  But either way, it gets its point across.  It’s controlling perception of what is allowed to be done by a person based upon what a person looks like physiologically upon ethnic qualifications.  It’s group-think by color.

I’m all for disagreement.  I do that with people as we go and come.  But watch out for when we begin to associate the very identity that other people hold onto with their ideology.  That works in the realm of religion and it works in politics.  It does not tend to work well on matters of the skin…if skin should be even the issue at hand for the ideology in question (“black” Americans have every right and ability to be just as diverse as “white” Americans and anyone else at that matter, so we need to stop tripping on that).

E pluribus unum.

And this is a major problem in the black American community…and one which I fear has only gotten worse.

If you watch it, Dr. Hill’s main beef is that “experts” qualified to his standard for social discussions weren’t brought to discuss anything with Trump.  He tried to backtrack and apologize…after he tried to pump his fans for praise to carry him through the much-needed push-back to his words

So…when Dr. Hill specifically said that Trump parades around actors and comedians as if this were all some sort of Billy Rice show, then there was some other actor/comedian combo who already has went to Trump that only he knows about?  Kinda like he knows about what happened and what was discussed at the meeting that we should disapprove of, especially when citizens of celebrity power (like somebody else who relies on television and social media to spread his influence) decide to meet with their soon to be new celebrity-president to try and to have an influence on him?

But as far as the table of experts goes…where does even Martin Luther King, III fit in Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s assessment?

I’ll leave you faithful readers to decide all of that.  In the meantime, I’ll just leave you with these two memes that I came across whilst researching sources for this post.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Hill’s Unity

  1. You forgot to mention that Dr. Hill also attended Morehouse. His argument against Steve Harvey and Jim Brown will fall on deaf ears when folks know it isn’t sincere. I know just as much as any other “negro” intellectual, that the idea of introducing Trump to POVs that are fundamentally against him and the Republican Party bring no progress to the table. E pluribus unum, right? It is truly time for people who are given a platform to speak their true intentions rather then what is convenient for a sound bite. I applaud Steve Harvey for displaying his role as a citizen despite public opinion. He does it all the time and he gets no credit for it. On the other hand, I charge people like Dr. Hill to come to the Trump Administration himself if he is dissatisfied with how they are doing businesses. Unfortunately, Hill will need a microphone and video recording; which in his case, CNN has kept him constantly appeased.

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