The Right to Murder…unless it’s legal, then it’s Legal Murder

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

A person is a person, no matter how small.   -Dr. Seuss


So…something happened at a university  that I got to witness.  I am super-busy a ton nowadays.  But you know what…I found out that if you want to get a message out far and wide at a university…just go out at night when nobody is watching and chalk up the sidewalks.

No, I mean really.  The harsher and more prestigious the university the better, because people will be walking around with their heads dragging along the ground from all-nighters or texting/tweeting/poking their next favorite bestie on their cell phones, and then viola!

You have caught their attention as their eyes are already downcast in miserable drone-ness.

You see…there is this Women’s March going on to protest the actions and flamboyant machismo of President Donald Trump.  Well, more power to them.  As citizens let them come together as women to celebrate womanhood and to celebrate the unity of all women against persons who attempt to force all of women to conform to a certain standard of living, as if all women must conform to some sort of standar–



Well, you know, it isn’t like people are totally against not forcibly dismembering humans based upon their development and injecting them with saltine fluids so that their inner organs seethe and burn before being decapitated and being laid out on a tray piece by piece via surgical removal from their mother’s womb, the safest place in our lives that we have ever been during our development as human beings.

Some people don’t even consider abortion as murder even though the science biological speaking states that only developmental stages separate a fetus (which is Latin for “offspring” or “pregnancy” as in an unborn child still going through gestation processes in his or her mother) from an infant (which is Latin for “not speaking,” as in a born child who cannot yet speak because of…well…development stages).

So…some of these people should get educated and learn that there are people who do view abortion differently, right?  Hey, if not a march supposedly built upon the sisterhood of women across the broad land and water of our country, then how about a college or university campus!

Isn’t that all about tolerance and the diversity of ideas…like how all colleges/universities are supposed to be?  You know, unity in diversity…university…Socratic method…the question that is asked in order to know?

Well, there was one group that tried to share their message on the sidewalk of a major university as others shared their messages of #NeverTrump and other political slogans.  Their messages…caught somebody’s attention…



Wow.  Now that was tolerant.

Oh well, it wasn’t like the event got shut down or cancelled or anything because of the open hostility.  All they did was wipe off the “in” from “injustice,” draw lines through some equal signs, and then make excellent usage of the spaces just above the previous messages by the people who do not agree with them just so to promote their own ideology…which the others obviously do not agree with, but yet didn’t take the time out to likewise vandalize.  

These were just a few students who had too much time and chalk on their hands.

It isn’t like the entire event was cancelled because of hostility from some of the other students who so happen to have different opinions, or that the ability for these pro-life/anti-abortion students to have their own separate meeting at an institution that they pay the same wages as others do in order to use spaces for their education and the free exchange of idea–

Oh, well, you know these people don’t consider the dismemberment of a human child in the womb as murder.  So telling them this hard truth that abortion is actually murder by all accounts of rationality can be a bit upsetting for them, especially since many have come just freshly out of high school into the maddening adult world on the tail end of a very divisive US Presidential Election season.  It isn’t like they are willingly being so…


Oh.  Well, w-well then…alright.


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