Why We Need the Government…Except When We Don’t

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

“…ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  -a Democrat Party president from the past



So…I’m sure that by now we have all heard about President Trump’s new budget cuts.

If that source is too biased for you, you can choose this biased source for comfort.

Or this one: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/16/politics/trump-budget-cuts/.

Wait, did CNN really just…report the facts of the story?


Man…I guess their plummeting ratings (which even their biased underling Snopes doesn’t deny) are making them a bit more self-conscious.  Well…everybody except for Chris Cuomo.  Remember that guy?  The “Allahu-ackbar is a magical phrase for terrorists” guy?  Yea…

He’s a few seasonings short of biscuit gravy.  You see his co-host laughing?  Yeah, me too.

Keep on keeping on, CNN.  Kool-aid is bad for you, mi gente.

Anyway, now people are up in a bunch about the proposed government cuts to public sectors such as the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Well…wait a second…none of those things are civil rights.

The government is responsible for only three things, as established in the theistic worldview of our Western inheritance (which itself is deeply influenced by Romans 13 and other passages, and more, of Judeo-Christian literature–most of which John Locke, the grandfather of the clause that we will cite from, directly drew from proudly).  Thomas Jefferson et al, inspired directly by John Locke, wrote that the Creator grants us inalienable rights of LifeLiberty, and the…whuh oh…Pursuit of Happiness.

Let’s recover what the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution really were saying, since they read 17th century philosophers and the Bible before we ever did.

–You have your life given to you by God and protected by the government, which owes its laws to God by the endorsement of its people.

–You have your liberty given to you by God and protected by the government, which owes its laws to God by the endorsement of its people.

–You have your right to pursue happiness given to you by God and protected by the government, which owes its laws to God by the endorsement of its people.

You know what isn’t necessary to your taking in air, food, and shelter, being free to exercise your liberties in public, and pursuing whatever lifestyle is the optimal goal for your happiness?

The government.

But aside from that, what else is completely unnecessary are “the arts.”

But you know who is necessary for your rights?  Who is necessary for you to know what right you and any other person is endowed with apart from personal opinions of the individual and the masses?  Who is necessary for you to even have the basis for your systems of morality and what ought to and ought not to be endorsed?

God is necessary.  Proverbs 9, mi gente.  Busquélo y léa.

So you know what?  It may be a harsh budget, and you personally may not want these budget cuts to the arts and some other programs that you desire.  That is alright, and it is your right to have your opinion and to express it without another person on equal authority as you telling you what you should and should not think.  And you know who establishes that authority over you?  (Hint, look above this paragraph and click the hyperlink.)  By the way, this also means that Authority does have the right to tell you the should’s and don’t’s in your life.

Some people are going to make fun of President Trump.  Fine.  People made fun of President Obama, though I disparaged doing such things in hateful disrespect, and I will continue to have that standard for President Trump.  Moral standards…handy little things.

But…oh wait…who was making fun of President Trump?

Not you Oscar the Grouch!  Meh…oh well.

Wait, when did Sesame Street make fun of President Obama or Bill Clinton?  Nah, but they weren’t New Yorker showmen/businessmen.  Well…Clinton is in another category altogether.

Well, okay.  So Sesame Street made fun of President Trump before he was president.  A Hollywood big business show, presented by a major corporation supported by government funds, makes fun of a business man…who is disparaged by enough elites within Wall Street’s New York to have children’s shows encourage impressionable infantile viewers to mock him?


No, really, why the selective outrage?   If you just now see how ridiculous this argument is…I hope that you did not vote for Sanders this past summer.  Hashtag “democratic” Socialism.  Hashtag Venezuela.

People actually are mad about losing Elmo.  So mad that they made a video about it.



But guess what?  Elmo is on HBO now because of lack of funding.  And you know who decided to defund Elmo and friends?  The kids.  The kids did it.  No, I’m not lying.

Regardless, we have already gone over the civil rights granted to the government which it is responsible for.  The government only has the funds which its people give it by way of taxes and donations.

Guess who actually does have the power of the monies?  The people.  Always.  If the people revolt, even the most totalitarian human government will collapse…because they will have run out of humans to enforce itself with.  Soviet Union, British Empire…that business guy from the Lego Movie.  It happens.

See all of these people up in their emotions and letting out battle cries against President Trump’s decision that “the arts” don’t have the privileges for being forced by the government onto its people (because that is really what has been happening)?

Take their names and addresses.  All of them.

You have just located all of the volunteers with private funds necessary for the donations needed to keep the brain train going…without any of the government’s help.

You’re welcome.


Did they really just ask for private funding in the end of their video while trying to say that the government funds are necessary?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Oh, what a world!

Also, at the same time, I am hoping that the president’s new health care law bombs.  Because it is horrible for the exact same reasons.  Keep your freedom in the flames of questioning, mi gente, and keep that flame well-guarded!


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