CNN: Tell the truth to shame the President

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

It is a sad day when one can say that “The enemy of my enemy is the truth,” and hence enter into a temporary alliance on that basis with the truth against the commonly perceived foe.

OK.  So, CNN usually has shied away from many things.  CNN, as I have pointed out several times, is a biased news network.  I really used to tell people this even back when I was in middle school, but now (and especially after last year’s madness) more people are finally acknowledging the implicit and explicit bias of CNN.

That is good.  Some people still like CNN because the biases of CNN appeal to their moral leanings.

That is to be expected and is normal.

However, as CNN continues to front itself as a global news network which focuses primarily upon news from a United States American contextual lens, it should be noted that when CNN spends so much of its airwave time mocking, covering up, and blatantly lying on an issue…only to turn around and to acknowledge the truth on that same issue in order to score points against a political (and financial) opponent to CNN, there comes a time to call a spade a spade, and to point to the corduroy trousers that are engulfed in blazes which all of their reporters seemed to have been wearing on the Monday meeting briefing.

Enter: CNN and the topic of Islam.

The subject of today is this CNN article entitlted: “Donald Trump’s Arab Fantasy”.  It is located on the Opinion section and is written by Aaron David Miller and Richard Sokolsky.

You may say that this is not truly CNN News, but that it is just opinion.  It is, truthfully, in the “Opinion” section of the Cable News Network website.  I will merely tell you to watch CNN at any time, and that at any time that you do, you are basically watching opinion, which is the point of the opening of this article (which you may reread now above).  It is also the point of the several instances of my own personal critique of CNN in this blog.  See, you are reading my opinion now, and it doesn’t hurt (hopefully).  So, it should be that much easier, knowing what an opinion looks like, to listen to Don Lemon, to listen to Chris Cuomo, to listen to Anderson Cooper, and to listen to whomever the two, three, or four yelling heads they currently have on in failing attempts to get Jerry Springer view-ratings, and to know that at the end of the day, though you may be getting fact, you are also getting commentary from these personalities on what those facts mean and why they should matter to you.  And those, faithful readers, are called lovely opinions.

The CNN article in question, “Donald Trump’s Arab fantasy,” (not President Trump, but I’m not going to be that petty right now) begins by saying that a stream of Sunni leaders are meeting with the President of the United States.

Good.  That’s called international diplomacy.  And given the nature of our current worldwide predicament, what with the Muslim nations dealing with Islamist terrorism and how now several non-Muslim nations deal with Islamist terrorism, it is very fitting that such an outreach is being consistently and logically made.

But then the article nearly immediately realizes  claims that the strategy of the American government in meeting with Sunni Islam governments is flawed due to a conflict of zeal in the common interest at hand.

Let.  Me.  Grab.  Some.  Soda.  And.  Popcorn.

Usually, CNN acts like all Muslim countries are uber-peaceful and horrified at the terrorist actions of Islamists regimes and splinter cell/insurgent groups.  Usually, CNN behaves in ways that paint the picture of Islam, real Islam, being a monolith of peace and tranquility, of Islam somehow having a racial category (because Islamophobia = racism), and somehow *the Ummah* being so diverse that you wouldn’t know *a Muslim* if you saw them without their Islam/Arab-inspired clothes.

Okay…no contradictions there.  (Sarcasm, for people who are already too stiff.)  Should have saved Islamophobia for a few more paragraphs down.

Moving on, the article states that although, yes, President Trump has met with Egyptian President al-Sisi, and the Jordanian King Abdullah, and the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, this tactic is not a winnable solution to the war.  Indeed, though negotiations (and these talks go back through to the Obama Administration) have been undergoing with Sunni nations, the war still trudges on with progress at snail’s pace…if a pace is even being kept.

Strikingly, CNN breaks its own invisible rules by allowing this to be written in the meat of the article, a striking confession on the effectiveness on using the Sunni Islamic nations to battle Islamist regimes:

But at best, the Sunni states have played a marginal and symbolic role in the war against the Islamic State. The seven countries most heavily involved in this campaign are all America’s allies in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The article does commend the allowance of the Jordanian king of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.  I will say that in this, the European Union has comparably larger numbers, though being several nations.  But how many nations are in the Near East?  How many of them are Sunni Muslim?  How many, if they open their doors, will be hazardous to travel to for migrant families and solitary refugees of war?

The article also commends Egypt for fighting off ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), with mixed results, in the Sinai Peninsula.  Not a word is mentioned of Libya, a name that now means more of convenient region on a political map than any actual national entity– an area where ISIS filmed one of their landmark videos.  Wait.  Not one.  Two.  WARNING: Graphic material on the second post with the Ethiopian Christian victims.  See the ISIS in Libya stories here (Egyptian Christian victims and one apparently on camera convert to Christianity) and here (Ethiopian Christian victims).

Turkey is mentioned as having terribly selfish motives so as to keep the Kurdish people from realizing a nationalist state of their own.  A move which sounds oddly reminiscent of what the Young Turks did with the Armenians (let’s hope that it does not get that far, we have enough human-caused Hell on Earth as it is).

But what is the root cause of the discrepancy according to this CNN article?

Well, here it is:

The bottom line on the Sunni Arabs is that most are too divided, risk averse, self-interested and wary of Washington to be agents of the US’s Middle East agenda. At best, they might be junior partners, a role that UAE special forces seem to be playing effectively in the fight against AQAP in Yemen. But Washington cannot count on these countries to take a lead role in waging war or making peace effectively in this profoundly polarized and fractured region.

Do you know why?  Well, because all wars stem from ideology.  And ideologies cannot be combated with the sword.

Does that sound familiar, faithful readers?

CNN finally told the truth, though they did it (apparently) to show how pointless it is a strategy to rely on these nations.  They effectively lambast the previous presidential administration by stating so.  But that is our bargain when we selectively apply the truth.  It always turns to burn ourselves.

And, aside from that, recent developments have revealed that the United States Navy did in fact militarily strike a Syrian base in retaliation to a chemical attack that news sources informed by intelligence threads have linked to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government.

You know that I have a heart for this issue.  I have written on it here to reveal that heart to you.  Indeed, I can honestly say that I have been following these events closely since 2010 and even a little before that via Christian radio sources.

CNN has finally chosen to confirm that wars of ideology are not won by bullets and swords, and that we must fully understand the mind of our enemies, and even reconsider the mentality of our own selves, in order to defeat them.

Told you so.

Personal Note: As a Christian, I cannot have confidence in ourselves in this time of peril.  God is the ultimate standard of morality, and God has not supported all of what America has done.  Our society will cringe to hear that the law of God stands above the perceived “oughts” for what should happen in Syria.  If God means to judge our world now, who are we to accuse God?  Have we not done enough in causing Hell upon ourselves?  No.  That earlier mention of Hell was not accidental, or should I say, that honest to the truth modifier “human-caused” was not accidental.  We caused this.  We caused it all.  If you want to see how righteous God even comes to our mire and filth to establish His justice, look here for starters.  Then, just search on this site for “justice.”  May God guide you by His Light.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017 where ** denotes.


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