The Reasoner’s Corner was begun on December 27, 2015 by a recently graduated college student tired of using Facebook as a blogging platform.  Though the wide range of audience and smooth availability of trending information made Facebook a viable platform on the surface, the subsequent angry responses in the comments, misunderstandings of his seemingly basic posts, “tolerance” blocks, and “unfriendings” convinced him that Facebook was perhaps an enemy and not a friend to social critical dialogue.

The author is also a dedicated Christian, which firstly means that he is an imperfect person who was struck by his inability to fix himself and his impending eternal doom from his own moral depravity.  Secondly, it means that Jesus the Messiah saved his life.  Enjoy the writings, which hopefully will range to be more than just his favorite topic (theology) to include his other favorites (satire, politics, comic-book/sci-fi lore, racial politics, pop culture, and making fun of the modern times).  See?  All things not suitable for Facebook.

Enjoi and God bless.


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